Welcome to Swampflix

Swampflix is a small collective of Southeast Louisiana natives who spend way too much time watching movies. We enjoy everything from the heights of art cinema to depths of basic cable schlock. More often than not, our favorite films are the ones that marry those two aesthetics. We genuinely try our best to love every movie we watch, so know that it hurts us to give one a negative review. We’re looking for the gems in the garbage, not for films to shame.

As New Orleans-based critics we may occasionally focus on local films or theaters, but mostly we just want to talk movies. All kinds of movies. Our New Orleans temperament will most likely show less in the material we cover and more in the way we cover it. We may be a little late to the table for some conversations, a little sloppy or inconsistent in others, but mostly we just showed up to party, to indulge in a good time. We hope you will indulge with us.

Thank you for reading Swampflix. Enjoy!

Questions? Concerns? Contact us @ swampflix@gmail.com

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