Movie of the Month
Every month one of us makes the rest of the crew watch a movie they’ve never seen before & we discuss it afterwards.

The Swampflix Canon
Film reviews with ratings that exceed four stars.

Camp Stamp
Movies reviewed for their camp value.

Agents of S.W.A.M.P.F.L.I.X.
Superhero Watching: Alternating Marvel Perspectives, Fresh and Longterm, Ignoring X-Men, or S.W.A.M.P.F.L.I.X., is a feature in which Boomer (who reads superhero comics & is well versed in the MCU) & Brandon (who reads alternative comics & had, at the start of this project, seen less than 25% of the MCU’s output) revisit the films that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the perspective of someone who knows what they’re talking about & someone who doesn’t have the slightest clue.

Roger Ebert Film School
A recurring feature in which Brandon attempts to watch & review all 200+ films referenced in the print & film versions of Roger Ebert’s (auto)biography Life Itself.

The Late Great Planet Mirth
An ongoing series in which Boomer, a reformed survivor of PreMillenialist Dispensationalism, explores the often silly, occasionally absurd, and sometimes surprisingly compelling tropes, traits, and treasures of films about the Rapture.

Wrestling Cinema
Reviews & articles that discuss movies about or related to professional wrestling.

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