Movies to See in New Orleans this Week 11/29/18 – 10/5/18

Here’s a quick rundown of the movies we’re most excited about that are screening in New Orleans this week, including a couple one-time-only specialty events.

Movies We Haven’t Seen (Yet)

Snow White (1916) The Silent Era fairy tale classic that famously inspired Walt Disney’s first animated feature.  The Historic New Orleans Collection will be screening the film at the William Research Center on Sunday 11/2, with live piano accompaniment.

Shakedown A documentary about the underground black lesbian strip club scene in early 2000s Los Angeles, this one appears to be an essential, rowdy, aggressively political addendum to 2018’s other black dance circuit doc This One’s for the Ladies . . .  Playing Friday 11/30 as part of Shotgun Cinema’s Full Aperture series.

Mirai A tender animated drama about a young child’s jealousy of his newly arrived baby sister that eventually transforms into a time & space defying fantasy adventure, boosted by Miyazaki-style anime artistry.  Screening Thursday 11/29, Friday 11/30, and Wednesday 10/5 via Fathom Events.

Movies We Already Enjoyed

Overlord– This is less the Nazi Zombie Movie tedium delivered in Dead Snow than it is an over-the-top descendant of Re-Animator, reinterpreted as a WWII video game. It’s cartoonish schlock with a big studio budget behind it – a deliriously fun, cathartic middle finger to the Nazi grotesqueries of the modern world. Only screening at Canal Place, likely its final week on local big screens.

Widows  Academy Award-winning director Steve McQueen cashes in some of his prestige points to make a heist picture about a group of ordinary women who reluctantly transform into violent criminals, a collaboration with Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn. I was surprised by how much of his one functions like an ensemble cast melodrama instead of the action-thriller that was advertised. Not disappointed, just surprised. It feels like a movie custom built for people whose all-time favorite TV show is still The Wire, which, who could blame ‘em?

Venom – A C-grade superhero movie that treads water for at least a half-hour, then mutates into an A+ slapstick body-horror comedy with an outright Nic Cagian lead performance from Tom Hardy. Venom is a less satirically pointed, big-budget version of Upgrade or a modernized Henenlotter, but its highs are also much funnier (and surprisingly queerer) than either of those reference points. It’s a lot of fun if you maintain your patience through the first act.

-Brandon Ledet

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