Britnee’s Top Films of 2014


1. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – A magnificent ending to the king of all trilogies (in my opinion). Peter Jackson spends no time pussyfooting around with intricate storylines. Instead, the film jumps right into the action that fans have been anxiously waiting for.

2. Gone Girl – What starts out as a film that would most likely end up on the Lifetime channel turns into a sociopathic extravaganza. The film becomes so extreme that it’s very easy to miss the 5 seconds of fame granted to Ben Affleck’s penis.

3. Veronica Mars – What happened to V. Mars after the much-loved television series came to an end? So many questions that have been sitting in the minds of Marshmallows for years are finally answered with this Kickstarter-funded flick.

4. Into the Woods – This is a film that you will love or despise with every bone in your body. It’s literally a Broadway musical with CGI graphics coming out the wazoo.

5. Maleficent – More like Magnificent! Angelina Jolie was born for this role.

6. August: Osage County – “I really shouldn’t be laughing at this” will be going through your head the entire time. Black comedy at its finest!

7. The Babadook – An intimate, heartfelt horror film that lingers in your mind for days, months, maybe even forever?

8. The One I Love – A romantic episode of The Twilight Zone that offers lots of laughs and food for thought.

9. Snowpiercer – So many questions surround this unsettling dystopian flick, but the answers aren’t served on a silver platter, making this film an engaging experience for all viewers.

10. No Good Deed – Honestly, it’s pretty bad, but at the same time it’s tons of fun!

– Britnee Lombas

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