Movies to See in New Orleans This Week 4/4/19 – 4/10/19

Here’s a quick rundown of the movies we’re most excited about that are screening in New Orleans this week, including a couple dread-inducing horror flicks and some even more horrifying visions of modern Florida.

Movies We Haven’t Seen (Yet)

Pet Sematary An updated adaptation of the Stephen King classic helmed by the same production team behind the hugely successful 2010s update to IT. Early reviews from the film festival circuit report that it’s far wilder & gorier than what the trailers are letting on, which is an exciting tease.

Screwball Pretends to be a hard-hitting documentary about systemic steroid abuse in major-league baseball and the Miami “health professionals” who support it, but distorts that real-life story through such a deranged, humorous lens that it defies built-in expectations at every turn. Playing only at the new & improved Zeitgeist cinema in Arabi.

“A Surprise Film Screening” with The Watermelon Woman (1996)’s Cheryl Dunye – The New Orleans Film Society is hosting a free-to-the-public Q&A with legendary queer indie-scene filmmaker Cheryl Dunye and actor Yolanda Ross on Sunday 4/7 at the Ace Hotel. According to the listing, “There will be a surprise film screening after the conversation.”

Movies We Already Enjoyed

Us Jordan Peele follows up his instantly iconic debut feature Get Out (Swampflix’s favorite film of 2017) with a surreal freak-out about doppelgangers & class-disparity. From Boomer’s review: “Us is more ambitious than its predecessor, meaning that sometimes it swings a bit wider but ultimately has the same meticulous attention detail, from literal Chekovian guns to a multitude of characters being literally and metaphorically reflected in surfaces both pristine and cracked.”

The Beach Bum Harmony Korine follows up his sun-drenched nightmare Spring Breakers with yet another beachside Floridian hellscape, this time starring Matthew McConaughey as a preposterous stoner-poet. Korine always works best when he reins it in with a guiding structure, and this one does so by riffing on 90s Major Studio Comedy tropes to nightmarish success. It’s basically his Billy Madison, which I mean as a major compliment.

The Godfather (1972) – Surely, you’ve seen Francis Ford Coppola’s Oscar-winning mafia drama by now, but have you ever seen in projected on the big screen? Maybe so; I don’t know your life’s story. Screening Sunday 4/7 and Wednesday 4/10 as part of The Prytania’s Classic Movies series.

-Brandon Ledet

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